PG 13


The Lost City
of Metalla

A group of friends arrive in Sardinia for a long-dreamed vacation, but an unexpected encounter with a mysterious German researcher will drag them on an adventure to find a treasure in the legendary long-lost city of Metalla.

In Production

In Development

Dark Comedy Crime


The Crane

Drama, Thriller


All In

Sci-fi, Adventure, Gothic


Oliver's Wings

Drama, Animation

(Animated Movie)

Kiya and the Legend of Azaya

Western, Comedy, Sci-fi


Born To Be West

Tv Format

(Tv Show)

Back in Time



Millionaire Mind Secrets

PG 13



After an airport explosion, an enigmatic amnesiac survivor, a grieving German tourist, and the elusive group of terrorists behind the attack become entangled in a gripping pursuit for truth, redemption, and justice.

In Production

We Bring Stories to Life,
One Frame at a Time...

Big Enough Productions is a London-based production company focused on films and TV series, created by Marco Cabriolu in 2016. Former executive producer at Filmstar and Filmstar Entertainment Group, Marco launched his own production company to support new talents and give life to new original content as an independent production.

Big Enough Productions today can count on important IP assets such as the rights to over 40 original scripts, 2 international TV shows, 5 original TV series, partnerships and collaborations with some of the most important professionals in the film industry in Europe, United States, India and China.

Independent films are often seen as more artistic or edgy than major studio productions. They are shown all over the world in festivals such as Sundance, Cannes, Venice or Berlin. Particularly deserving projects are sometimes bought by large studios for distribution.

Independent films are financed with producers’ money, through loans or with the help of private investors and the integration of more or less well-known brands and products.

Big Enough Productions is adopting a new formula to make film investing an affordable opportunity for private investors and small and medium-sized businesses keen to diversify their brand and product exposure.

We help Companies enhance their
Brand image through these
unique promotional


Branded Integration is a contractual or licensed fee based product placement.

The benefit to the brand is a guaranteed exposure that uses the media content to reinforce and drive the brand. Because the exposure has been contracted for, you know what you are getting, from on-air visuals and verbal mentions to promotional and social activations that leverage the relationship and bring the brand to a potentially new audience while developing a stronger connection with the audience and influencing their purchase decision.


Product placement may be utilized as an alternative or supplemental strategy to traditional methods of advertising. It is an effective and well established method of developing brand recognition. Product placement seamlessly integrates the product or brand into a realistic context.

With the advent of new technologies and viewing habits (streaming and short form content) the advertising community has favored the development of communication within a program as well as around it. The product or brand is visible in the context of the show in a natural and credible manner.

A portrayal of the product or brand in a feature film, television show, documentary or webisode and the implied endorsement of the product does impact the consumer’s desire to buy and use the product, brand or service.

Using our existing relationships and network of contacts with productions and studio/network executives, Big Enough Productions actively promotes and secures opportunities for their client’s various products, brands and services.

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